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·         Name:  Janeth Salinas

·         Janeth’s Roles at Eagle Tae Kwon Do Academy:

o   Program Director.

o   Assistant Master Instructor for Tae Kwon Do.

o   T-Instructor for Sword Martial Art (Haedong Kumdo).

o   Manager of AMP and Camps.

·         Birthday:  August  5, 1984.

·         Date joined Eagle Tae Kwon Do Academy staff:  January, 2004.

·         Tae Kwon Do experience:  First began taking martial arts in Queens, New York city.  At the age of 17, right after graduating high school, she became interested in Tae Kwon Do, and joined her first do jang.   She trained four to five times a week for about a year and half until she moved to Charlotte.  Shortly after moving, she found Master Grady’s Eagle Tae Kwon Do Academy.  This is where she continues to practice “and learned to become a communicator”.

·         Prior Child Care Training:  A number of seminars on how to manage a class room.   Conflict resolution through role playing, knowing signs of child abuse, several other trainings on how to control and instruct a successful class.

·         Child Care experience:  She has been working with elementary age children since 1998.  She tutored all ages in homework help classes.  She has taught Dance, Literacy and Art to grades three to 6 and worked with infants and toddlers at a daycare for 6 months.

·         Certification:  Certified in CPR and first aid for infants, children and adults

In Janeth’s own words:

“Teaching has helped me turn my life around.   Growing up in New York City was tough; somehow I always got myself in trouble .  Becoming involved in teaching in a nearby after school martial arts program helped keep me off the streets .  I began setting goals for myself and didn’t give in easily to peer pressure.   I became more of a leader.

“As I improved my physical fitness, Tae Kwon Do also helped my self esteem and confidence.   I found myself more outgoing in new areas.   I had a lot of trouble with public speaking -  my face would turn red, and my voice would quiver.  It took years, but now I am able to speak confidently in front of students of all ages and even strangers without being nervous.  I still don’t like being in the spot light, but I have come a long way.

“Being able to teach Tae kwon do today is a very rewarding career.  As years go by, I notice improvement in my technique and self discipline.  Helping others improve themselves helps me with my patience which is something I never had before.   One thing I’ve learned from being an instructor in this academy is that no two students are alike.   Every time a new student walks into our dojang, I grow as a communicator.  Developing new ways of teaching different types of people keeps my job interesting and exciting.”



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